Wednesday, December 01, 2004

'Suge' Knight Eyed in Vibe Brawl

Quick, without reading below. Can you make anything of this headline?!

If it's Chinese to you -- don't worry, you are just as unhip as I am.


Yahoo! News - Report: 'Suge' Knight Eyed in Vibe Brawl: "LOS ANGELES - Police and probation officials have been reviewing video of the melee at the Vibe Awards show to determine if rap producer Marion 'Suge' Knight played a role in the altercation. "

From which we can deduce:
  • Suge Knight is the name of a rap producer
  • Vibe is shorthand for the Vibe Awards show
  • Apparently there was a fight at this ceremony


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The Mark of Cain is a blog titled 'The Lowbrow Corner'

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