Sunday, April 24, 2005

A Passover Surprise

Disclaimer: I usually don't blog personal stuff. All my posts (try very hard and probably often fail to) make a point with potential value to strangers who share my interests. This one is different. I couldn't resist.


Not Elijah, but still...

We're about to sit for the Seder at a friend's house in Menlo Park, California. Martin, our host, is the ex-CEO of Alza - a fascinating and ultra charismatic mench. The last guests arrive, a family of four. I immediately recognize the father: Nissan! my classmate at high school in Israel. He was one of my best friends and my partner for all school projects. After high school, our ways parted; we hadn't met in 21 years!

He hadn't known I was invited, I didn't even know he was living in the USA, our host hadn't figured we might know each other.

Turns out he now works at Google in Mountain View, a short distance from my own office.

So weird.


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