Thursday, April 14, 2005

Safire Kisses Our Privacy Goodbye

If you care about privacy, security, or computers -- go and read this article.

If you care about privacy, security, and computers -- run and read this article.

Here's a short excerpt:

These intimately profiled people are untroubled by the device placed in the car they rent that records their speed and location, the keystroke logger that reads the characters they type, the plastic hotel key that transmits the frequency and time of entries and exits or the hidden camera that takes their picture at a Super Bowl or tourist attraction. They fill out cards revealing personal data to get a warranty, unaware that the warranties are already provided by law. ''Even as people fret about corporate intrusiveness,'' O'Harrow writes about a searching survey of subscribers taken by Conde Nast Publications, ''they often willingly, even eagerly, part with intimate details about their lives.''
Click here to read the whole piece.


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