Saturday, June 04, 2005

Ashkenazic Mutation?!

Here's a feel-good paragraph from an otherwise controversial, non-PC, and quite depressing New York Times article titled Researchers Say Intelligence and Diseases May Be Linked in Ashkenazic Genes.

In describing what they see as the result of the Ashkenazic mutations, the researchers cite the fact that Ashkenazi Jews make up 3 percent of the American population but won 27 percent of its Nobel prizes, and account for more than half of world chess champions.

They say that the reason for this unusual record may be that differences in Ashkenazic and northern European I.Q. are not large at the average, where most people fall, but become more noticeable at the extremes; for people with an I.Q. over 140, the proportion is 4 per 1,000 among northern Europeans but 23 per 1,000 with Ashkenazim.

Update (6/27): Permanent link to the NYT article


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