Thursday, January 26, 2006

WAAAAAAY Too Highbrow

The Martha Graham Dance Company performed at Stanford yesterday night. The family decided to go; Debora had fond memories from their performance in Tel Aviv eons ago. Usually I'm exempt from attending such events dedicated to cultivated persons. This time however, Debora and the girls were unanimous: "we take the brute with us".

What can I say? The choreography was boring, the symbolisms probably plentiful but beyond my lowbrow grasp, the movement graceless, the costumes ugly, the sets uninspiring, and the music... well it was literally painful. You can tell that I had a ball.

By coincidence, my good friend Levy Cohen and his wife were there too. They did enjoy the show. Something must be wrong with me I guess...

The guy behind us overheard me speaking Hebrew with Emma during the intermission. He engaged in a conversation; turns out he is Stanford's vice provost and dean of research and graduate policy. He too enjoyed the show more than yours truly. Click here and you'll realize he has at least one good reason to like ballet.


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