Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Lives of Other Dreymanns

Debora and I went this evening to see The Lives of Others (Das Leben der Anderen). A masterpiece.

It’s not a funny movie, it’s a drama taking place in Stasi-terrorized East Germany before the wall came down, and yet the movie has its amusing moments. Here’s a joke told by one Stasi officer to another:
Erich Honecker wakes up one morning, opens the curtain, and exclaims: "Good morning, sun!" and the sun replies: "Good morning, Erich!" Then in the afternoon, Honecker says "Good afternoon, sun!" and the sun replies, "Good afternoon, Erich!" Finally, at night, Honecker says to the sun, Good night, sun!" to which the sun replies: "Screw you; I'm in the West now!"
The joke is funny but in the context it’s told in the movie, one can only shiver.

Go watch it!

PS: did you think I would I skip a movie whose main character is named Dreyman(n)?


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